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Sep 5, 10 1:09 PM
Talent Calculators for Cata!
Jun 10, 10 12:03 PM
Festergut down! I repeat FESTERGUT IS DOWN!
Jun 1, 10 6:01 PM
In the Guild bank...
May 28, 10 7:33 PM
ICC10 and vent :)
May 16, 10 6:00 PM
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Welcome to the Imperfectionists!

We have moved into the interwebs! Feel free to explore. Stay tuned as more information is added, and go chat on the forums :)

Look to the left for more information about how to register. There's a section named "Information", and a post with the name "Getting set up" in it. Please read! Remember, when registering characters, select "European: Darkspear", not just Darkspear... apparently we have a clone in the states :)
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POM!, Sep 5, 10 1:09 PM.
Hello! :) Does anyone know when Brewfest is? My laptop broke and well the forums are little help :( So does anyone know? :) Also I'll be back somewhen, before Cata and hopefully near Brewfest! :D 

Talent Calculators for Cata!

POM!, Jun 10, 10 12:03 PM.
Okay well it isn't official but it is on wowhead:

So far there are 4 classes on there; Priest, Shaman, Rogue and Druid. Although these will most likely be changed you can get an idea of what MIGHT to expect :) I've only looked at Shaman and Rogue and there seem to be quite a lot of changes so get reading :)

Festergut down! I repeat FESTERGUT IS DOWN!

Aggravating, Jun 1, 10 6:01 PM.
Well we progressed to 5/12 tonight, we had the help of a couple of pick ups but now we have it down Im sure we will have it perfected on par with the first four in no time at all.  Thats the gear check out of the way, now time to get our confidence up for our coordination and take down Rotface! read and watch up all you can guys, you know we can do this .

In the Guild bank...

Zhorts, May 28, 10 7:33 PM.
There's a lot of useful stuff in the guild bank. There was also a lot of junk.
Inci did a great job sorting and sifting through it all, and it's now less cluttered. It's there to be used, so please use it people!
Please try to keep it orderly, none of us like to clean it up :) Oh, and if you're a "neat freak"... uhm... that's not the pc way to say it... If you have an increased sense of order and a touch of ocd, please let us know and we can put you in charge of maintaining the bank.

ICC10 and vent :)

Zhorts, May 16, 10 6:00 PM.
As per usual, we ran ICC10 this weekend. I'd love to see more guildies show up, and to actively ask to come along!
Along with this, we tried to use vent for the first time too. I say tried, because I failed. Royally. I might've connected the headphones speaker-y parts to the microphone in connection on my 'puter... maybe. I'm amazed you could hear anything at all :) Next time, I'll connect it properly, I promise, and then we can chat away the way it's supposed to be.
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